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December 16, 2016

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5 Reasons to send your teenager on a Sailing Training Voyage

August 10, 2017

5 Reasons to send your teenager on a Sailing Training Voyage


I’m sold! As a skipper for one of the UK’s leading sail training organisations, Adventures Offshore, I see real change in young people when they sail with us.  In the last week, the group of 15 to 22 year olds sailed from the heart of London (St Katherines Dock) along the Thames and then straight across to Oostend in Belgium after a day there a visit to the Netherlands, Middleburg and the Veersemeer.





Although some worked towards RYA competent crew and somewhere interested in the RYA cruising scheme as a whole most where there to face a challenge of sailing a large yacht on two North Sea passages clocking up nearly 400 nm in often difficult conditions.


So what’s the benefit to sending your teenager on a sail training voyage?










Here are 5 reasons I have collected from ASTO members on why sail training works with young people.


  1. Sail Training is a challenging and fun way to develop self-confidence and change lives. Many young people do not have the opportunities to push themselves out of there comfort zone, It makes them realise they can do things they never thought they could.

  2. Team work, in sail training people must work together to make sail the boats they are on.This is often in conditions and they learn that people can be stronger together. OYT Scotland says it "Improves [sic] their ability to manage relationships"

  3. Encourages people to take responsibly, whether this be cooking a dinner raising a sail or preparing a yacht to go to see, young people are encouraged to take responsibility in a safe and support environment created by the teams of skippers and mates who crew the yachts.

  4. Work with people from different backgrounds.Sail training is a real leveller and people from different backgrounds and socio-economic groups have to come together and work together, no one is better than the other, and it gives an appreciation of different peoples challenges in life.

  5. Make young people aware of the environment, the ocean is perhaps one of our last great wildernesses, being alone on an island with your team is a great way to appreciate this.

When your teenager is asked at a college interview "What have you done that proves you can push yourself out of your comfort zone?" What will they reply?


Sail Training schemes are covered by small craft code of practice or higher.  The governing body is ASTO You can find out more about individual different schemes through this website.  There are still voyages available for young people this summer.