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Our Training - Currently all our training is based on the RYA classroom theory courses. If you are interested in practical course feel free to ask us for our recommendations.

RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship

A great introduction to navigation and safety awareness for the novice sailor, or those that have not sailed for a while.  In fact an excellent basic course for anyone interested on being on the water, Including fisherman power boaters, sailors. It's a great extension to anyone who has taken basic practical courses such as Start Yachting, Helmsman ship or Powerboat level 2.

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RYA Day Skipper Theory

This course enables the new skipper to gain the basic knowledge to navigate a small boat safely around familiar  waters by day. It will also introduce the novice skipper to some of the basics of night time navigation such as lights and buoys.  A fantastic course for those wishing to day sail in places like the Solent or the East Coast rivers.   Great extension to Powerboat level 2 and competent crew. 

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RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachmaster Offshore

Want to sail further afield next year?  France, Holland, even as far as Norway could be in your grasp with the theory learnt in this course.  This course will take you to the theory required for the coastal skipper or yachtmaster practical exams.  It will look at more advanced navigation and meteorology. A must for the budding long distance sailor or those wanting to sail outside of their local water. 

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RYA Short Range Radio Course

This course will enable you to gain the licence that is the minimum, by law, to operate VHF and VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC) on any UK flagged vessel.  We have our own set of modern training radios, including fixed and handheld that enable you get as much practise as needed to understand how these radios operate.

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RYA First Aid Course

This one day course is aimed at anyone who goes afloat.  You may be a yachtsman doing channel passages or a powerboater out on Southampton water.  The course is designed to take in many regular first aid topics and related these to being afloat and the practicalities of being on a boat.

​It is thought that knowing a little first aid even in a remote location can give a casualty the time to survive with help is called."

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