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  • Short Range Radio Course (VHF)

    Short Range Radio Course (VHF)



This page is to book your RYA Short Range Radio Classroom course. 

(VHF)SRC = Short Range Radio Certificate
DSC = Digital Selective Calling, included in most modern radios.
GMDSS = Global Maritome Distress Safety System.

SRC = Short Range Radio Certificate

What the RYA Says: - "A course and exam for anyone who owns a fixed or handheld marine VHF radio. A radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board, and it is vital to understand the correct procedures. The Short-Range Certificate is the minimum qualification required by law to control the operation of VHF and VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC) equipment on any British flagged vessel voluntarily fitted with a radio either fixed or handheld." 

What our Customers Say: - "We did a VHF radio course with Roger. He knew the subject matter well and helped us learn the practical bits across the course of the day. Both myself and my husband passed our exam and we are very happy with the course and Roger's instruction. Hythe Sailing Club Member via Google ***** Stars

   The Course

  • Required experience.


    Minimum duration

    10 hours plus exam time. The exam will always be classroom based but the course can be taken in the classroom or online.

    ​£89* Includes the RYA Short Range Radio Book worth £12.00, which can be provided as a book, or an EBOOK please state at time of booking.

    Minimum age



    Basics of radio operation, frequencies, distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures, making ship to shore telephone calls, Digital Selective Calling, Global Maritime Distress Safety System

    Certificate issuing criteria.

    To be able to operate the radio and know the procedures required to use the radio.


    This course is based either in the classroom [Click Here to Book an Online Course] or online, with both, the exam taking place in the classroom.

    Both the classroom course and the online course are available through Jolly Roger Sailing. 

    The exam

    SRC exams consist of a written theory exam and assessment in the practical use of marine VHF radios The exam fee is payable to the RYA. We will book an examiner for you. The examiner will watch you using the radios and will also set you a short-written test.

    Most candidates are required to complete an RYA SRC course prior to taking the exam, therefore exams take place at the end of the course. Jolly Roger Sailing will give you details of the time and location for your exam when you book your course.

    Find out more about eligibility, arranging and paying for the SRC exam here

At Jolly Roger Sailing this course will be taught and examined using iCOM training radios. These are real radios with the transmitter removed but connected as a network through cables. This means that you can gain hands on experience using the radios and get to know how they work.  We have three main sets and 1 handheld for you to use.

The day will be an intensive day including at least 8 hours of teaching and an exam. The RYA specify that it should take close to 10 hours.  To cover this, you will be sent the RYA booklet early, plus a quiz that will show that you have done at least 3 hours of reading in advance.

The course fee* Includes the RYA Short Range Radio Book worth £12.00, which can be provided as a book or an EBOOK please state at time of booking.


  • "Is there any reading I can do before the day?" Yes, we actually ask you to read the VHF Handbook before your course, a copy will be sent to you along with a quiz and some exam pointers, when you book.  
  • "I have and older VHF License?" - All new VHF sets are either fitted, or can be interfaced, with DSC allowing calls to specific vessels. If you hold the 'old' VHF license (pre-1999) you need to upgrade your qualification when you purchase new equipment. Call us to discuss the update training required and to organize an SRC examination.
  • "Someone at my sailing club said I don't need a licence as a leisure user?" - This is not true by Law anyone who uses a Marine VHF Equipment must hold an operator’s Licence.
  • "Is there another licence I need for the boat?" - Yes, to own any marine equipment that transmits including your VHF (DSC) Radio as well as other items such as RADAR, EPIRBS or AIS you need to apply for a licence at OFCOM (CLICK HERE)
  • "I'm Scared of Exams!" -  Please don't be. The assessment process is straight forward. The examiner is an instructor just like the one you've has during your course and is there to ensure you reach a minimum standard, you will make mistakes, but most examiners will help you rectify these. There are no trick questions!
  • "I have a learning difficulty so I can't write the paper?"  All papers can be carried out orally with the examiner however this may take a bit more time please call us on 07834733323 to discuss your needs. 

*NOTE - the cost of this course does not include the cost of the examination, £70, which should be paid for in advance on the RYA website. We will book an examiner for you. The examiner will watch you using the radios and will also set you a short-written test.

Our teaching will take place normally at Hythe Community Centre. or Hythe Marina, both are only a two-minute walk from Hythe Ferry which gives easy access to the mainline railway station in Southampton. There is a café in the centre, or alternatively, there are sandwich shops and coffee shops close by. We will provide tea and coffee, but please bring or expect to buy some lunch. We will only have 30 minutes break for lunch as well as a coffee break in the morning and afternoon. If you require a list of B&B accommodation in Hythe please feel free to ask.


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